Jun 27, 2010

Photography Jobs

Photography is a competitive profession. It is still possible, however, to earn a good salary and make a successful career as a photographer if you have the talent and dedication.
Self-employment is popular with photographers because it gives them the freedom to pursue their own creative projects. The disadvantages are that without an employer the photographer has the job of finding and developing new clients and doing all the administration of running a business. Without a fixed salary, income levels are uncertain. Some photographers starting out might opt for a more stable temporary part time job and slowly build up their client base on the side before they jump 100% in to freelance photography.
Photographer statistics for salaried positions showed that most worked for commercial photography studios, advertising agencies, magazines, newspapers and television companies.


Anonymous said...

I am a lover of painting and photography,though I don't have talent in both :-). You can say, I am always thirsty to collect good pics. seen your pics. Awesome work.
For me, a painter or a creative photographer is "THE LIVING BRAHMA". kudo's to your work. ALL THE BEST for your coming ventures....

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